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Self Cure Hybrid Composite
A resin based hybrid composite containing 63% by volume of a blend of radiopaque fillers. With its ideal mechanical properties exhibiting high compressive strength and low water sorption, it has become a best seller in its category. Available in one universal shade that blends well to the existing tooth structure yielding an esthetically pleasing restoration.

Light Cure Hybrid Composite
A light cure composite restorative that is radiopaque. It has the versatility of the hybrid composite while measuring high compressive strength with excellent polishability. This composite is appropriate for almost every type of restoration. The material is available with the Exact Match System, which uses a specially designed computer program to match the composite color and translucency to the VITA shade guide.

Light Cure Resin-Based Micro-Hybrid Flowable Composite
A radiopaque fluoride that contains a light cure resin-based micro-hybrid flowable composite. The specially formulated material incorporates both a nano-sized filler for increased flexibility and superior polishability and a 0.7 micron filler for excellent strength and wear resistance. This special combination provides a material with extreme versatility for use in a wide range of procedures, including Class III and V cavity configurations and small Class I and II restorations. This light cure resin-based micro-hybrid flowable composite contains fluorescence to provide a duplication of the natural tooth surface.

Light Cure Micro-Hybrid Composite
Light Cure Micro-Hybrid Composite is a radiopaque fluoride containing light-cure restorative composite. The special combination of fillers form a material that is extremely durable and wear resistant; making it ideal for Class I and Class II restorations, yet highly polishable for use in all Class II, IV, and V restorations. This light cure micro-hybrid composite has optimal handling characteristics. The material can be easily manipulated without sticking to your instruments. It contains fluorescence to provide a duplication of the natural tooth surface.


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